iSearch PHP Site Search Engine - Requirements

iSearch has the following requirements:

  • A web server that supports PHP 4.4.x or PHP 5.x.
  • PHP socket access, allow_url_fopen or CURL support must be enabled for iSearch to work.
  • A web server that supports MySQL 5.x.

iSearch can run with PHP configured as mod_php or as a cgi executable.

iSearch works with PHP safe mode enabled (many web hosts set up PHP like this) or disabled. For correct character set support, iconv support must be enabled in PHP.

iSearch follows HTML links through your site. If your site uses JavaScript or Flash menus extensively, then you may need to insert dummy links to other pages on your site for iSearch to find them. See the FAQ for more details.

Additional Pro Requirements

Additional requirements apply to the professional version related to local PDF and MS Word document support. If you cannot meet these requirements, you can use the online conversion mechanism instead. For PDF and MS Word support, you must either:

  • install a binary converter (antiword and/or xpdf). Check with your ISP that you have permission to install this and execute it from within PHP.

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