Isearch Toolbar Removal

Recently I have had several people emailing me (often abusive) saying that the an Isearch toolbar is installed on their machine. This is a malware program. I've put this page to help victims remove this program.

The Isearch toolbar is in no way associated with the iSearch PHP web site search engine. It unfortunately has the same name. Please do read and understand this paragraph, I am still getting abusive emails. I've been told that the isearch toolbar is actually owned by, based at 701 Brazos, Suite 500, Austin, Texas 78701, 800-844-5919.

I've now been informed that LavaSoft have updated their AdAware tool to remove the Isearch toolbar.

I received the following update:

Hi, I found this line online. It goes to the isearch toolbar website and has the info for removing the toolbar. Just click on a link to download the removal program. It worked fine for me on my Win XP system.


Note that this removal program comes from the toolbar authours, so you may wish to avoid it and use the AdAware technique instead. I've had a report suggesting that this actually reinstalls the toolbar!

Thanks to Jason Hellebrand for the original removal information and Paul for the update regarding the uninstall on

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