iSearch PHP Site Search Engine - Quick Installation

  1. Unzip the zip file to your hard disc. The following files should be included:
    isearch2/admin iSearch2 Configuration and Administation
    isearch2/help Help files
    isearch2/inc Included files
    isearch2/inc/ included before iSearch results are displayed.
    isearch2/inc/ included after iSearch results are displayed.
    isearch2/lang Language files.
    isearch2/style Style files.
    isearch2/index.php Main search page.
    isearch2/sitemap.php Displays site map.
    isearch2/stats.php Displays search statistics.
    isearch2/viewcache.php Displays the contents of the page cache.

  2. Open the isearch2/inc/ file in a text editor and change the variables as required for your installation. You must edit the "BASIC CONFIGURATION OPTIONS" section, but you can probably ignore the "ADVANCED CONFIGURATION OPTIONS". You'll need to have your MySQL database details to hand for this.
  3. Upload all the files to a directory called isearch2 in the root directory of your site.
  4. Fire up your web browser and browse to Login using the admin password stored in the isearch2/inc/ file.
  5. Enter your email address and homepage URL. The rest of the configuration options can be left as they are for now.
  6. Click the "Spider" button and wait until your site has been spidered.
  7. Once you have configured iSearch and spidered your site, browse to and try it out.

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