iSearch PHP Site Search Engine - Installation Service

If the installation seems too daunting for you, I can install iSearch on your server for you. There is a small charge for this service to cover my time. The installation includes getting iSearch working on your site from it's own search page. Email support for iSearch for a period of 1 month is also included in this cost.

For installation I will require the following information:

  • FTP configuration for uploading files to your site (host, username, password)
  • MySQL configuration (host, username, password, database name)

Your hosting provider should have given you this information when you signed up for the hosting service. Once you have purchased the installation service, please provide me this information by email.

Buy Installation Service: UK£15 US$30 €25

I accept payment by (in order of preference):

  • Paypal (credit cards)
  • Cheques in pounds sterling drawn on UK bank account (please email me for my for postal address)

Cheques in other currencies can be accepted, but I'll have to pass on any handling charges charged by my bank. Please ask for more details.

If you have any further questions on the installation service, please email me at

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